The first official training facility for American Ninja Warrior Opens in North Miami

NinjaLounge just opened its doors in North Miami. As the only certified American Ninja Warrior training obstacle course, NinjaLounge is taking fun to a whole new level. For ages 2 to 102, everyone is leaving with smiles on their faces. In the 40,000 square foot indoor amusement park they not only have 10,000 square feet of fun trampolines, 2 dodgeball courts and 3 trampoline basketball hoops but they realized some of us want extreme fun, so they installed the first in the country full size available to the public, American Ninja Warrior course as seen on TV and the accompanying 14ft Warped Wall with adjacent 10ft and 12ft warped walls if you need to work your way up to 14 feet.

If that’s a little too extreme you can try their mini Ninja Warrior course as well as the longest elevated HARNESS FREE obstacle and ropes course in the world. If you fall, you fall into a giant net. If you enjoy rock wall climbing or never tried it before, they have the longest harness free horizontal rock wall climbing surface (bouldering) in Florida. They also have vertical ‘crazy climb’ climbing walls, surfaces and obstacles that require harnesses.

NinjaLounge's Ninja warrior Obstacle Course

Once the word was out that the first full size Ninja Warrior course was available to the public, representatives from the TV show, legends from the parkour world, and former and future contestants of the Ninja Warrior Show immediately appeared and became permanent members of their staff. They are at Ninja Lounge to train for the show and help others and the public test themselves on the course. Key employees of Ninja Lounge are veterans of the obstacle course and trampoline world, and have trained the 30 employees in all areas of safety and customer care.

As a full service recreational and fitness facility Ninja Lounge also offers:

  • Tumbling and Trampoline
  • Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • Cheer Tumbling
  • Aerial Silks
  • Lyra
  • Trapeze
  • Dance (Ballet, Jazz, Tap)
  • Zumba
  • Group Fitness (Circuit Training, Boot Camp, Trampoline Aerobics, Team Dodge Ball)
  • Martial Arts, (Kung Fu, Chi-Kung, Tai Chi, Systema)
  • Mommy or Daddy and Me
  • Music (Violin, Piano, and Vocal)
  • Arts classes for all ages and for younger children

Ninja Lounge hosts:

  • Field Trips
  • Birthday Parties
  • Amazing corporate team building events
  • Private Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Disco Parties
  • Quinceañeras
  • Sweet Sixteen Parties
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
  • Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

Regardless of your age, if you want to jump, bounce, spin, flip or push yourself to your limits and beyond, whatever your idea of fun, Ninja Lounge indoor playground in Miami can take you there.

The New Online Threat: Psychics

Psychics and Tarot Reader have been scamming people for centuries. However there’s never been more exposure to this type of fraud as there is today. Sites like, and allow anyone claiming to have “psychic powers” to join their network and connect with an audience hungry for answers who are willing to pay. There is an ever-growing list of tarot websites, with new ones popping up all the time.

Tarot site advertorial

Psychic sites target people of all ages to pay for a tarot readings for a low price.

Most of these sites are complete scams, and should be used for entertainment purposes only. However, kids tend to believe the claims they are exposed, and will not think twice in spending their money to get answers. A recent investigation by the consumer protection agency found that psychic and tarot related sites purposely bid on keywords that attract teenagers on the search engines in an attempt to capture the attention of hormonal (and sometimes confused) youngsters.

Make sure you talk to you children about the dangers of falling prey of a fake medium. If your kid needs advice, let him see a licensed therapist who can actually help, and not a Psychic claiing to have all the answers to his “life questions.”

Blow Your Child's Expectations to Increase their Confidence

A child’s self esteem is molded through their early interactions and impressions. Its been shown that children coming from loving yet strict parents have more self confidence when they reach adulthood than kids that came from spoiled or neglecting homes.

Best Bounce House Rentals in Miami

Let your child know how important he is to you. Don’t forget to celebrate her birthdays, and let her know how important she is every day. Birthday parties dont have to be expensive or over the top. In fact, a simple reunion with his close friends works best. Many parents overcompensate by taking their children to exotic locations, where they continue to ignore them. An ignored kid doesnt care if her emotions are being neglected in Paris, a child’s brain doesnt work like that. You will not build confidence in a child with money. You can celebrate your child birthday in your backyard, with 10 of his best friends. Throw in a bounce house or other kind of entertainment. You can make your child’s day for less than $300.

Thanks to Dwaine Thomas from Jump R Us for providing us with this insights. If you need to rent a bounce house in Miami visit his website at or call Thomas at (305) 785 5700.

The Case for Pets

Animals Help Your Child More Than You Imagine. When your pet gets sick, its important to take it seriously. Recently my daughter’s dog whisky got sick. He started vomiting at 3:00 AM. All the vets where closed at that time. I looked for an emergency vet in Boca Raton, and the only one that is open after hours was the Animael Emergency Clinic of Deerfield Beach. We arrived at 4:00 AM. The staff was extremely useful and caring.

I really believe that caring for your pets shows your kids stability and character. Caring for pets translates into so many other things later in life, including how you children will treat animals and peers in general.

In retrospect, I wish I had a pet when I was growing up. They are god’s gift to children. See, I was not born in an Hospital, a doula in Miami delivered me in a home. Back then, dogs where not allowed inside the house, and we didnt have a backyard. That is why we never had a dog.My mother went through an hypnobirthing course, and the doula told her not to have dogs in the house.

Hypnobirth in Miami

Its been shown that people that are violent toward animals also engage in bad behavior such as infidelity and violence. Today with the internet, it is so easy to find late night chat lines and online dating sites for cheating, that I wonder what most of America was missing in their infancy.

Raising a Well Rounded Child is Not About Gifts

It is important to establish a solid support system if you want to raise an all rounded child. This will help them grow up satisfied with their ambitions and achievements. It is every parent’s wish to raise confident and competent kids and to develop sense of purpose and passion. Some of the techniques that can be used to raise a child who is healthy, well-balanced and happy with their accomplishments include:

Encourage Special Skills

Each and every child has unique talents and gifts. While there are some that will show up in the class settings others will shine outside the traditional school setting. This does not even have to be expensive as dancing in the house, playing catch in the yard and chasing lightning can offer the opportunity for personal, intellectual and physical development. You can also try something new as this may encourage the child to follow in your footsteps.

Praise and Applaud Effort

It is highly recommend that you praise and applaud your child for hard work. This can help develop a growth mindset where he/she will be willing to take up new challenges and you can finally discover the things that they are really good at. The inner drive is very important when it comes to success. With kids you do not even have to buy gifts in a bid to praise their efforts such as buying a Rolex watch as telling them by mouth and showing that you are really proud of them goes a long way.

Respect Various Learning Styles

Just because you are comfortable in a quiet environment when you want to get some work done does not mean that your child also prefers a noise free environment when doing their homework. What’s important is to pay close attention to how the child learns so that you can identify the best learning style. This also ensures that the child has fun while doing things because nothing is being imposed on them creating greater chances of success.

Read Widely

Develop a reading culture from a young age so that they can appreciate the art without any problems. Keep books at home and read to them as often as possible as this encourages language development and reading skills that can contribute to succeed in school in the future. There are also studies that show that 5 year olds who were in the habit of being read to on a daily basis were less likely to have any behavioral problems at school.

Diana Zacharin is a Doula and the owner of Blissful Mommy. She has witnessed over 350 births as a birth coach in Miami. In her practice, Diana teaches HypnoBirthing for expectant mothers all over South Florida. To learn more, visit her website,

Protect Your Children Online 2.0

As technology advances, a whole new category of threats faces our children. Im talking about video chat sites where people can have meet total strangers on video, random chat sites like are very attractive to teenagers, but there is always danger. Late night television advertises voluptuous ladies talking on the late night chat lines like questchat, livelinks and many other services promising you’ll meet a perfectly shaped member of the opposite sex by dialing a local phone number and trying out their service with a free trial. Hormone filled tennagers dont think twice before calling these numbers and could potential end meeting up with a total stranger, looking for love? probably not. Usually woman who call these numbers are either prostitutes looking for easy money or other men trying to lure horny men to later capitalize by threatening to expose them if they don’t pay a hefty amount. Not only your kids are at risk, your husband is also a target. Adults looking to have an affair often use these websites or chatlines as a first step to having a full blown love affair. Adults often graduate from finding willing women in craigslist and late night chatlines to expesnive married dating sites such as, where young women looking for sugar-daddies find what they want.

It is not an option any more to monitor your teenagers’ online activity. You wouldn’t let your child unsupervised in a dark alley filled with strangers, would you? It is not so different online, a malign person can easily mess with an innocent youngster and cause him physical and psychological harm.

Honor Your Child’s Background

Nowadays, many families living in the US have varied backgrounds composed of one or more ethnicities or cultures, not particularly represented in the US.

Bob Marley Rasta Music

By giving your child the chance to get to know and celebrate her ancestor’s culture, you will be giving them something to be proud of. Belonging to a group, whether racial, ethnic or cultural strengthens a child’s identity. They are not just one more person, they are members of communities. In the case of children that have been adopted, there is a extra need for emotional support. An adopted child should still practice the rituals and traditions of her ethnic backgrounds, even if it is only symbolic. These rituals contribute to development of their racial identity. In particular, children that are adopted will need to be treated as a equal member of your family. They may have had to deal with racial stereotypes that you may have never had to deal with before.

What Impacts Can Be Caused By Having A Different Racial Identity

Having a trans-racially child could impact the whole family. The family will now become transracial not just the child if the family thinks as one unit then they all become transracial. Relationships with other family members and friends of the family or even they have changed when they have been asked to accept and respect you transracial family.

At schools times can be tough, a lot of other parents or even children going to that school may question about why your children look different from you. Not only will you need to be ready for these types of occurrences but also your entire family.

What Can You Do To Help Your Child?

You can celebrate all of the cultures and races, demonstrate to your child and family that you have value and respect for other races, cultures and traditions, showing your child or children that you have the ability to take the time to learn, honor and respect other cultures will help to teach them. It also reinforces your interests because you are learning something new about the culture and traditions of your child or children and this will add to your family.

Some Ideas To Help Incorporate Culture And Racial Differences

  • Read Books with your child, children or the whole family.
  • Join a parenting group, where you can meet other families of the varied racial groups.
  • Go to cultural events or ceremonies.
  • Educate yourself on differences that can impact your family’s daily life.
  • Enjoy your child culture through the arts and fashion. For example, a Jamaican child should be exposed to rasta fashion and wear a Bob Marley shirt once in a while.

Five Ways To Get More Involved With Your Children

In times such as these when we are running all the time, squeezing time from your schedule to devote it to your kids is a difficult task. They grow up unbelievably fast. Months and years flow by. One day you look up to them and they are ready for college. That said the reality of life cannot be denied as well. You have to keep on following your schedule every day. In this article we will tell you few easy ways to get more involved with your kids. You don’t have to devote more hours to them. All you need is a little bit of adjustment in your daily routine and you would be able to see them grow up in front of your eyes.

Bond by Walking After Dinner:

This is not your typical walk after dinner. Make it a pajama work. Make your kids ready so that they can go to bed immediately they come back from the walk. Make them brush their teeth, put their sleeping clothes on and go for a walk. Make sure not to buy them any snacks since they have already brushed their teeth. These walks will serve two purposes. One, due to this little walking exercise their digestion will be better. Two, your kids will open up to you. You will get to hear what is happening in their school, who are they friend’s with and many such other things.

Get Them Excited with Theme Meals

Create a theme for your dinner from time to time. For instance, themes such as pizza night, Chinese night, taco night etc will make your kids very excited. Make sure that these events don’t become regular. Kids love it when something s out of the routine. It will give them a sense of relief from their day to day routine. They will have immense fun and open up to you. You will get to know their secrets which you never heard before. Make sure that you teach them art of washing dishes with you. They will love to accompany you when you encourage them to.

Get Creative and Color with Them
Instead of buying expensive coloring books, using a bit of creativity and affordable inkjet printer you can help your kid express him imagination and teach him a lesson or two. Search for his favorite cartoon outlines in google or even search for outlines of figures or concepts from a subject you want him to learn about and print them on your inkjet printer. Don’t limit your kid here, adult subjects such as money, and real estate investing should not be out of the table. That way, your kid will grow up with fondness towards money instead of negativity when it comes to this sensitive subject. You will be giving your child a huge advantage over his peers whose parents are struggling, may be going through foreclosure and about to loose their house, and who just complain about money.

Take your kids to the park:

Instead of encouraging your child to play computer games, it is way more beneficial to take them to the nearby park. In that way you will get to spend more time with your kids and they will get the much needed fresh air. Play their games and let them win. Your kids will find a new playing partner in you. In this way they will get interested in sports. Make it a routine to take them to the park every weekend. This will help you to create a long lasting bond with your kids.

Help Them Learn

The next time you paint your fence, replace the bulb, replace your car tire take them along with you. Make them see the entire process. This way they will learn how to fix things and you can also spend some quality time with them. Make them more inquisitive towards day to day affairs of life. Not only will they learn but it will make them self sufficient as they grow up. At times make them do the work themselves. That’s how they will learn to fix small things. Your spending time with them like this will make the whole exercise an entertaining one.

Watch TV Together

Watch the programs that your kids love. Be it cartoon or a children’s movie, when you watch it with them, it is a whole different experience altogether. Not only will they enjoy it, but you will get to understand their tastes as well. This will give you an opportunity to influence them about good and bad. Try and make them watch the good stuffs in TV. At the same time ensure that they do not get addicted to any TV shows. Other than TV make them listen to good songs. This can influence them to play guitar or take up singing. Read them good stories. Doing the later will ensure that they develop a very good tastes in literature. At times it is very good idea if you can read them newspapers too. Spending time with your kids like this will make the whole exercise fun and entertaining.

Teach Them How Money Works in Fun Ways

Fantasy Gol Soccer TournamentsMuch of the knowledge that will help your kids thrive in life is not taught in school. Teach your children to invest in the stock market, or if they enjoy sports, open a joint account at a website where they can make real money. A great choice for children who enjoy watching soccer with their fathers is Fantasy Gol, a fantasy soccer website where your child and you can put your knowledge of soccer to the test, and make some money in the process. If your child enjoys Football, ESPN Fantasy Football has similar games. Just make sure your child understands the difference between gambling and investing intelligently based on statistics and odds.